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Frequently Asked Questions

What ages can attend camp as campers?

WinShape Camp is designed for children who have completed Kindergarten through 6th grade.

What are your fees and payment due dates?

The cost of camp for 2023 is $230. A non-refundable $50 deposit is required at the time of registration; this deposit is included in the total cost of camp. You may go back into your account at any time and as many times as you wish to make payments until your balance is paid in full, but no later than a month before camp begins. Automatic payments on assigned deadlines can be set up if you pay by credit card.

What payment methods do you accept?

Fees may be paid online via VISA, Master Card, Discover, or American Express. Cash and check will be accepted on-site only if you are registering on the first day of camp.

How do I register a camper?

Camper registration can be accessed online by visiting and selecting Register Now. For new campers, select First-Time Camper on the login page and follow the steps to completion. For returning campers, insert your email address and password on the login page. Follow the process to select a new session for your camper, pay your deposit, and update your camper’s information. Upon our receipt of the non-refundable deposit and completion of registration, you will receive an e-mail of confirmation. If you are not able to register online, you can call our office at the above number and we can take your registration over the phone. Please note that this process, depending on how many campers you are registering, can take 15 minutes or more. The deposit is non-refundable once the camper is registered and cannot be carried over beyond the current camp year.

During camp, may I contact my camper by phone or visit my camper?

No. Visitation is not permitted during camp. If you would like to be more involved, you may sign up to volunteer!

Will my camper need any spending money during the day?

No. Our camp store is only open at check-in and check-out each day.

Will lunch be provided?

Campers are encouraged to bring their own lunches to camp, but Chick-fil-A lunches will be available to purchase Monday through Thursday. Friday is our “Friday Family Fun Day,” and WinShape will provide a free Chick-fil-A lunch for each camper and the camper’s guests who have RSVP’d (campers are encouraged to invite parents/grandparents and siblings to camp and lunch on Friday).

More About Chick-fil-A Lunch

What Skills are available this year? What age groups can participate in each of the Skills?

By including an age requirement for some of our Skills, our team is able to prioritize safety and strategically program Skills in a way that is fun for every age. Listed below are the Skills that are available for each age group.

  • OCEAN (Kindergarten) – Bounce, Crafts, Dance, Fast Food Jr. Chef, Gymnastics, Painting, Soccer, Under Construction, Wacky Science, & Village Venture
  • OCEAN (First Grade) – Archery, Bounce, Crafts, Fast Food Jr. Chef, Gymnastics, Painting, Secret Ops, Soccer, Under Construction, Wacky Science, Yard Games, & Village Venture.
  • SAFARI – Archery, Basketball, Bounce, Crafts, Dance, Fast Food Jr. Chef, Flag Football, Gymnastics, Painting, Secret Ops, Soccer, Under Construction, Wacky Science, Yard Games, & Village Venture
  • ALPINE – Archery 2.0, Basketball, Crafts, Dance, Fast Food Master Chef, Flag Football, Gymnastics, Net Games, Paintings, Secret Ops, Soccer, Wacky Science, Under Construction, Yard Games, & Village Venture

Can parents/guardians participate in Chick-fil-A Friday Family Fun Day?

Following Check Out at 11:15, we are encouraging camper families to attend the Closing Session, where they’ll get to celebrate an awesome week of camp and hear from the church host.

After the Closing Session, campers and families and siblings in the home will get to stick around for a free Chick-fil-A lunch!

What is the Counselor to Camper ratio?

We have an excellent counselor/camper ratio of one staff member/volunteer to every 10 campers, allowing each camper to have adequate individual attention from the staff and volunteers.

May I make a request for my camper to be with another camper during the camp day?

Please read carefully: Part of the positive experience your camper will encounter at WinShape Camps is the ability to meet new campers. WinShape Camps would encourage you not to specify a certain person to share your child’s camp day as it may not afford them this opportunity for possible growth. If you feel this is the only possible way your camper will attend WinShape Camps for Communities, we will try to honor your request if campers are the same age or grade level.

Must my camper have a physical exam?

No. However, you will need to fill out the Medical Forms and bring them with you on the first day of camp. Campers will not be admitted without a completed Medical Form.

What is your policy on behavioral problems?

Parents will be contacted if there is a continuous problem of non-participation in the program, bullying, stealing, telling off-color stories or using inappropriate language, or any other behavior that detracts from the Christian and wholesome environment the camp wishes to provide. Profanity is prohibited. Violent, threatening, dishonest, dangerous, negative or otherwise unsatisfactory behavior on the part of the camper could lead to his or her dismissal from camp. Our honor code, which we ask all staff/volunteers and campers to abide by, is “Because I want to honor God, I will: be honest, be positive, and show respect to other campers, staff, and property”.

What is the spiritual emphasis of WinShape Camps?

At WinShape Camps, we want to help build strong character in the lives of young people; so we focus on creating a positive, Christian environment where our campers have fun as they make friends and learn more about God. Through daily worship, music, prayer, and devotions, we openly teach about who God is while sharing Biblical truths. Each WinShape Camps staff member is a follower of Jesus Christ who will continually strive to model Christ-like behavior for all of our campers. However, we absolutely respect each individual camper’s right to make their own decisions regarding important spiritual matters.

What is your cancellation/refund policy?

The deposit is non-refundable and non-transferrable, unless your child’s application to participate in camp is declined by WinShape Camps due to space limitations or other reasons. If your child is accepted and you cancel your child’s registration: More than 30 days before the registered week, you will receive a full refund (excluding the deposit). Less than 30 days before the registered week, you will be refunded one-half the paid balance (excluding the deposit. No refund will be granted for a child sent home during camp for misbehavior, homesickness, or other reasons beyond the camp’s control. Our refund policy is strictly enforced.

Does WinShape Camps for Communities accept children with special needs?

We do not have a program specifically for campers with special needs. Under some circumstances, we can accommodate some special needs during our regular camp sessions. Let us know if your camper needs a shadow, and if you are willing to provide one. If needed, please contact the local church host in order to see if they can provide one to assist your camper. Please know that we will do our best to support your child, but if your camper is not able to fully participate in our program, unfortunately, we will need to send your child home.